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  • Brand: Acme
  • Sku: ACME-WHISTLE-4061

Acme | Dog Training | Whistle 210

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The Acme Whistle is the professional choice for both close and distance control, with a completely consistent sound produced in all conditions.

A solid, weatherproof pea provides each whistle with a distinctive sound, so it is important to continue using the same pitch of whistle throughout your dog's life.

When choosing the frequency of the whistle, it is important to consider the distance from which you will be signalling your dog, and the general background noise which is likely.


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A high pitched whistle which is perfect for close work and producing a different sound for different commands. Blow Rate: 2/5. Blow Sound 3/5. Blow Tone 2/5.

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Acme | Dog Training | Whistle 210