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  • Brand: Ancol
  • Sku: AN697310

Ancol Viva Reflective Nylon Rope Slip Lead - 10mm X 1.2m

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Made from a strong poly-weave webbing material, this lightweight, reflective slip lead is a great choice for dogs on the go!

Designed to withstand the weather conditions and physical activities like running and swimming, simply slip the lead over your dogs head and adjust the toggle to prevent the loop becoming larger during relaxed walking which could allow your dog to escape the lead. The lead can easily be stored in a coat pocket if your dog is enjoying some off-lead time.

A quality slip lead can be used as a training tool for teaching dogs to walk on a lead, however it is very important that the handler is careful to avoid placing excessive pressure on the dogs neck, as the lead will tighten when pressure is applied.

As the material used for the handle is a flexible rope, this style of lead is particularly comfortable on your hand while walking.

The reflective weave pattern make this lead an ideal choice for walking in dark or low light conditions. Wearing reflective items in poor lighting allows drivers to see you and your dog from further away, giving them extra time to react and adapt. For regular walkers in poor light conditions, it may be advisable to consider also using a Hi Vis Dog Vest.

This lead has a length of 1.2m, and has a diameter of 10mm. It is suitable to use with dogs who weigh up to 30kg.


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Ancol Viva Reflective Nylon Rope Slip Lead - 10mm X 1.2m