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  • Brand: Bamfords

Bamfords Premium Super Canary Seed Mix With Egg - 20kg

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A top of the range seed mix, Bamfords Super Mixed Canary Blend with Egg is a high grade selection of nutritious seeds to encourage health and vitality, and aid successful breeding of strong and healthy young.

The numerous oils and protein rich seeds promote quality skin and feathering, alongside the blend of natural wild seeds which canaries just love! Sweet black rapeseed and niger seed support the function of internal organs and encourage overall health.

To keep birds in optimal condition, feed the blend daily is small amounts as required. Ensure fresh water is always available and provide a good quality Bird Grit for extra minerals and to aid digestion. Add nutritional variety and stimulus for bird s with fresh fruit and suitable green vegetables, Millet Spray, Cuttlefish Bones and Canary & Finch Honey Bar Treat Sticks. During the Breeding and Moulting Seasons, a Finch Egg Food Supplement will also prove highly beneficial.


Canaryseed, Black Rapeseed, Nigerseed, Hemp, Naked Oats, Linseed, Wild Seeds, Egg Biscuit.

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Bamfords Premium Super Canary Seed Mix With Egg - 20kg