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  • Brand: Beaphar
  • Sku: CG17610

Beaphar | Cat Dental Care | Easy Treats - 35g

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About Beaphar Dental Easy Treats For Cats 35g

Beaphar's Dental Easy Treats are an ideal tasty, meaty treat for improving oral hygiene in cats. 

Specially formulated to reduce bad breath, these treats will also reduce the build-up of plaque and protect against gum disease when used as part of a daily dental regime. 

Natural Chlorophyll reduces smelly breath by absorbing bad odours, while the natural polishing action of the treats will help to maintain cleanliness of both the teeth and the gum line. 

Regular tooth brushing remains the most effective method of maintaining oral hygiene, so Beaphar's Dental Easy Treats are ideal for using in conjunction with other methods to reduce the risk of tooth decay. As brushing can be difficult with cats, Beaphar Dental Gel is the next best method as it can be used without a toothbrush.

Directions: Begin with 1 treat per 3kg bodyweight per day, with no more than 10 treats in a day. Always keep fresh drinking water available. 

Contains: Chlorophylline 1200mg/kg


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Beaphar | Cat Dental Care | Easy Treats - 35g