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  • Brand: Beaphar
  • Sku: CG17671

Beaphar | Puppy Care | Lactol Feeding Set

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Designed for feeding newborn and growing animals, the Lactol Feeding Set can be used for many species including puppies, kittens, guinea pigs, rabbits, hedgehogs, etc.

Contains: Feeding Bottle, Four Teats and a Cleaning Brush

Directions: Puncture the tip of the teat with a needle or cut a small piece off the top with scissors. Ensure that the size of the hole in the teat is appropriate for the type, age and size of animal you are feeding, to avoid choking or excess air intake. Do not allow animals to chew on the teat. Clean the bottle and teat thoroughly after every feed.


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Beaphar | Puppy Care | Lactol Feeding Set