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  • Brand: Blagdon
  • Sku: BLAGDON-GA-IP-2683

Blagdon Green Away Pond Algae Treatment

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About Blagdon Green Away Pond Algae Treatment

Eradicate murky green water from garden ponds with Bladgon Green Away Anti-Algae Water Treatment, a natural formula which forces algae cells to clump together.

Algae causes problems in ponds which are not limited to upsetting a clear view of the inhabitants, it also stops oxygen and light from penetrating the water and uses nutrients which other plants need to survive, which very quickly disrupts the delicate eco-balance within the aquatic habitat.

Directions: Add 25ml for every 1,100 litres of pond water and mix well to distribute the formula evenly within the water. Repeat after 5 days if symptoms persist.


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Blagdon Green Away Pond Algae Treatment