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  • Brand: Trixie
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Cat Climbing Step For Wall Mounting 18 × 22 Cm White/grey

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Add some height to your cats indoor adventure time with this Climbing Step from Trixie! The step is covered in sisal rope, making it a great scratching post and helping to redirect your cats natural need to scratch things onto something other than your sofa!

Scratching is natural for cats, and they would be scratching in the wild, it helps to keep their claws clean and sharp, similar to how humans file their nails. It is important to provide your cat with items that are meant to be scratched in order to keep them away from more valuable items in your home.

Climbing also comes natural to cats, and often cats feel more comfortable watching the world from a height. That is why climbing trees and other climbing aids like this step will help give your cat the space your cat needs. Try adding multiple steps and ledges along an empty wall so that your cat can explore at a height like they would in trees in the wild. Having a safe space at a height can also help reduce anxiety in your cat when they are around other pets or visitors. Providing your cat with safe items to jump onto can also help keep your cat from jumping onto unsafe furniture.

Your cat may me nervous of the step at first, be sure to give plenty of encouragement and prise when they try the step. If your car is uninterested in the step, try adding some cat nip or their favourite toy or treat onto the step to get them to jump onto it.

When building a cat climbing wall, always insure that the items you used are at a safe distance for your cat to step or jump onto without risk of injury. Also, always read the instructions provided with the step to ensure that you install the step right so that it is not at risk of falling and injuring your cat!

This product is made from high quality materials, however, it is not indestructible. Always keep an eye on the item for signs of damage. Sisal is available to buy separately and can be replaced if your cat scratches through it. However, if there is any damage done to the structure of the step then it may be dangerous for your cat to jump onto and should be replaced. Some self assembly may be required.


This item is approximately19 x 18.5 x 17cm


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This item is approximately19 x 18.5 x 17cm

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Cat Climbing Step For Wall Mounting 18 × 22 Cm White/grey