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  • Brand: Cat's Best
  • Sku: HL3262

Cat's Best | Cat Litter | Universal Wooden Pellets

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Cat's Best Non-Clumping Universal Wooden Litter Pellets are made from 100% plant fibres (Fir and Spruce) and are an ideal litter or substrate for Cats, Kittens, Rabbits, Hamsters, Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs, Cage Birds and Parrots.

The 100% biodegradable pellets have exceptionally high absorbency, trapping and retaining moisture effectively, and bind odours naturally with the pleasant, natural smell of the wooden fibres.

Used Cat's Best litter can be composted, and is 100% organic with no chemical additives so will not affect other composting waste. Depending on your local council, you may be able to dispose of Cat's Best litter in your brown or green (composting or garden/food waste) bin, however solid waste must always be removed, placed in a biodegradable poop bag and placed in your general waste bin.

Unlike some cheaper wood pellet litters, Cat's Best contains very low dust levels and will not make pets or owners sneeze.

Harness the power of nature in your pet's litter tray, with natural pellets which retain up to 7x their volume as moisture, from PEFC-certified raw wood materials - no trees are felled to make Cat's Best litter!

Directions for use:
1. Fill the litter tray with Cat's Best Litter to a depth of approximately 5-7cm.
2. Remove solid waste daily and occasionally stir the litter to mix and allow aeration between the pellets.
3. Top up with fresh pellets as needed and completely replace at least once per week.
4. Clean the litter tray weekly with a cat safe disinfectant product, and ensure it is completely dry before refilling.


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Cat's Best | Cat Litter | Universal Wooden Pellets