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  • Brand: Mars Pet Care
  • Sku: HL3258F

Catsan Smart Pack Microfleece & Clay Litter Inlays (Pack of 2)

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Product Description

Designed to offer the simplest, easiest and cleanest mode of cat litter tray management, the Catsan Smart Pack system consists of a super absorbent liner sitting beneath a layer of CATSAN® Hygiene Litter. The unique mechanism of these all-in-one inlays makes it easy to pull the insert over the tray edges and it is even easier to remove, helping you clean up after your cat without fuss or mess.

The super absorbent microfleece liner actively absorbs the liquid underneath the Hygiene Litter and locks it in safely, ensuring that the litter stays noticeably dryer for longer, whilst providing your cat's toileting area with a further improved odour control.

A hygienically white appearance is offered by the m
ineral granules consisting of quartz sand and chalk in this lightweight, low-dust and easy to manage system.

Two Smart Pack inlays should have the same effective lifetime as a 30 litre bag of standard, non-clumping clay litter.

Directions for use:
1. Insert the smart pack liner into your litter tray, no extra litter is needed as the pack contains everything you need.
2. Remove solid waste daily and occasionally shake the cat tray to mix the litter to allow for aeration.
3. To replace the liner, simply pull in the sides and use the cuffs to tie it like a bag for disposal. Replace as needed, one inlay will last one cat for up to 2 weeks.


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Catsan Smart Pack Microfleece & Clay Litter Inlays (Pack of 2)