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  • Brand: Easylife
  • Sku: EASYLIFE-EYFM1001

Easy Life Fluid Filter Medium Aquarium Treatment

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Product Description

About Easy Life Fluid Filter Medium Aquarium Treatment

An extremely versatile, 100% natural treatment for freshwater and marine aquariums, Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium Water Conditioner performs over 30 tasks to benefit the aquarium whilst being very safe to use.

In general the treatment is suitable for use as a maintenance product to promote ideal water conditions, as a stimulator for plant growth, and as a prophylaxis to prevent infections.

More specifically, benefits to the fish include encouraging lively behaviour and vibrant colouration, reducing stress, making fish more likely to recover more quickly and develop better physical resistance, preventing and curing bacterial infections such as fin rot and infected wounds, providing efficient protection for the mucous skin and healing wounds more quickly, neutralising harmful bacteria, stimulating breeding, reducing quarantine time and ensuring a considerably reduced loss of fish during long distance transport.

Use of Easy Life Filter Medium encourages crystal clear water, removes heavy metals, ammonium, chlorine, chloramine, harmful bacteria and other harmful compounds from the water, absorbs residue left by medication, removing natural odours, counteracts the formation of algae, greatly improves and stabilises the water quality to protect against sudden alterations in parameters, improves the performance of the biofilter and accelerates cycling of new aquariums by helping to prevent a nitrate peak. Plants will see better growth and more vibrant colouring.

Directions: Shake the bottle vigorously for about 30 seconds, adding the product at the required dosage immediately afterwards. The normal dosage is 10ml per 30 litres of aquarium water.


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Easy Life Fluid Filter Medium Aquarium Treatment