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  • Brand: Hagen

Fluval Cycle Biological Aquarium Enhancer

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About Fluval Cycle Biological Aquarium Enhancer

A highly concentrated solution of responsive biological aquarium bacteria, Fluval Cycle immediately inoculates the filtration system with a powerful team of enhancers to eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrites and establish a biologically balanced environment for fish.

Ideal for use when setting up a new aquarium, adding fish to an established system and at other times when desirable bacteria levels are diminished, such as when changing water or filter media.

Great for freshwater and saltwater aquariums, and safe for use with tropical, temperate and cold water fish.

Weekly use of Fluval Cycle allows you to minimise fish loss and establish a safe aquarium to encourage fish to thrive due to the beneficial nitrifying bacteria within the liquid suspension.

New Aquariums: Day 1: 25ml per 38l, Day 2: 10ml per 38l, Day 3: 10ml per 38l
Adding Fish or Medication: 10ml per 38l
Weekly Maintenance: 5ml per 38l


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Fluval Cycle Biological Aquarium Enhancer