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  • Brand: Hagen

Fluval Internal Aquarium Filter (U Series)

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About Fluval Internal Aquarium Filter (U Series)

Ideal for use in all aquatic environments including fresh water and salt water aquariums, terrariums and turtle tartariums, the Fluval Underwater U Filter Series offers superior purification, movement and aeration of water.

Submersible filters with versatile horizontal and vertical mounting options to create currents and customise water flows in shallow or deep tanks, or to create decorate waterfall features.

The unique 3 stage filtration system of the U2, U3 and U4 systems (Mini 200l/hr and U1 250l/hr include only a single stage) encompass a mechanical stage with foam filter pads to remove large particles of debris, a chemical stage during which the poly carbon pads remove finer debris and clear odours from the water to improve water clarity, and a biological filtration stage where the Biomax filter nodes balance the water for optimal water chemistry and a healthy environment.

The quick flip top allows for fast access for maintenance by simply tilting the filter to remove it from the bracket and flipping the lid to access the internal filter.

An adjustable 3 way flow on the U2, U3 and U4 systems allows the top output to be used for maximising the circulation and oxygenation of the water, the middle output for gentle flow of aerated water in planted aquariums and the bottom output for deep-water agitation.


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Fluval Internal Aquarium Filter (U Series)