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Pets Best Natural Dog Chew | Horse Bone with Tendon 18cm

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Specialising in careful and sustainable production of natural treats for our pets to enjoy, Pets Best use only high quality raw materials and zero artificial additives to produce delicious, air dried snacks, with canine nutrition at the heart of every authentic and nutritious product available.

A perfect choice to offer species appropriate enrichment for larger dogs, the 1/2 Horse Bone with Tendon is extremely tough and long lasting.

Excellent for encouraging the natural chewing instinct to be channelled in an appropriate manner, this Horse Bone chew gives the dog a healthy outlet for their gnawing desires while providing a safe and healthy way to reduce and prevent the build up of plaque and tartar on the dog's teeth and gums through the naturally abrasive qualities of the bone.

Particularly suitable for sensitive dogs, horse offers a clean and low odour, novel protein source for dogs with allergies to more common protein choices. A hypoallergenic choice, Pets Best products are free from gluten, grains, lactose, artificial colours, flavours, fragrances, preservatives and additives.

As the connective tissues contained within are a natural source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, Horse Legs make excellent snacks for dogs who need an extra boost to keep their joints fit and healthy. Arthritis affects one in five dogs, with stiff joints and decreased mobility usually being the tell-tale signs. If your dog is a type prone to arthritis, we recommend starting a complete joint support regime from a young age, encompassing a good quality food, maintenance of an ideal weight, a joint supplement such as Johnson's 4Joints Liquid and natural sources of helpful Glucosamine.

The simple process of air drying extracts water from the fresh meat product, preserving the delicious taste and aromatics for dogs to savour alongside the nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Chewing is a natural behaviour for all canines, and should be channelled appropriately rather than discouraged or punished. Directing your dog towards chewing on natural treats will help to improve oral health by scraping and cleaning the teeth, reducing any build up of tartar or plaque. Allowing your dog to chew on appropriate items will help to relieve boredom and destructive behaviour, and can help nervous dogs or those with separation anxiety.

It is advised to only allow your dog to chew natural products on stain resistant surfaces.

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Pets Best Natural Dog Chew | Horse Bone with Tendon 18cm