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  • Brand: Hatchwells
  • Sku: HT617

Hatchwells Clear Plastic Canary Seed Hopper

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About Hatchwells Clear Plastic Canary Seed Hopper

Designed specifically to meet the feeding and drinking requirements of small pet birds, Hatchwell's Seed Hoppers are suitable for use in all wired bird enclosures which have feeding gaps for external food dishes, from cages to aviaries.

Suitable for use as primary food and water dishes, or as supplementary feeding stations for treats, supplements and fresh fruit and vegetables.

The handy wire cage attachments ensure the feeder is held well alongside the enclosure.

Hatchwell's Seed Cups are durable and easy to clean with a suitable, bird safe disinfectant such as Johnson's Clean 'n' Safe Cage Bird Cleaner.


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Hatchwells Clear Plastic Canary Seed Hopper