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  • Brand: Interpet
  • Sku: IP1713

Interpet Prime Aquarium Maintenance Gravel Cleaner

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About Interpet Prime Aquarium Maintenance Gravel Cleaner

Ideal for use during general aquarium maintenance, the Interpet Gravel Cleaner ensures that your time spent doing partial water changes is well used, as it removes the debris and bad bacterial build ups from the gravel.

Simply hoover up the waste from amongst the aquarium substrate using the handy siphon nose and hose, with minimal impact on your fish for maximal benefit to your aquarium water parameters.

The wide inlet sucks the debris along with the dirtiest water from the aquarium with a self start siphon motion, allowing easy access to hard to reach areas for debris removal.

After partial water changes, be sure to use a product such as Easy Life Fluid Filter Media to remove harmful substances from the water and give the biological filter a boost.

Small: Ideal for 21-50 litre aquariums
Medium: Ideal for 51-100 litre aquariums
Large: Ideal for 101-150 litre aquariums.


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Interpet Prime Aquarium Maintenance Gravel Cleaner