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  • Brand: Johnson's Veterinary
  • Sku: JVM016

Johnson's Cage Bird Vit-Min Drops - 100ml

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About Johnson's Cage Bird Vit-Min Drops - 100ml

An essential daily multi-vitamin supplement, Johnson's Vit-Min Drops help to promote and maintain good health and vitality in pet birds of all sizes, from canaries and budgies to larger parrots.

The drops are simply administered via the bird's food or drinking water, which must be changed daily when the drops are in use.

Given daily as a supplement to a balanced, varied and species appropriate diet, the drops aid resistance to ailments and are particularly beneficial for birds in poor condition or recovering from illness. The drops are also particularly valuable before and during breeding, moulting and to promote strong and healthy development in chicks and young birds.


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Johnson's Cage Bird Vit-Min Drops - 100ml