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  • Brand: Johnson's Veterinary
  • Sku: HL0155F

Johnsons Insecticidal Shampoo For Small Animals 125ml

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Product Description

Johnsons Insecticidal Shampoo for Small Animals is especially formulated to kill mites, lice and fleas.

Suitable for use on rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets etc. over 12 weeks of age. Very small animals e.g. rats, gerbils, hamsters etc. may be bathed but treat with great care.

Directions for use:

  • Mix shampoo into 150ml of lukewarm water according to size of animal e.g. rabbits 20ml, guinea pigs 10ml, small rodents 5ml
  • Wet coat with warm water and apply mixture, massaging into coat, using fingertips around head.
  • Avoid eyes, ears, mouth and other sensitive areas.
  • Rinse well with clean warm water and towel dry, especially with long coated breeds, then brush or groom.
  • Always keep animals warm after bathing.
  • If animal is housed outdoors, ensure coat is completely dry before returning to hutch.
  • Always treat bedding etc as well.
  • DO NOT USE on nursing animals or those under 12 weeks of age.





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Johnsons Insecticidal Shampoo For Small Animals 125ml