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  • Brand: KONG
  • Sku: KONGRED-CO010

KONG Classic Rubber Dog Chew Toy

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The KONG Classic has been a longstanding representative of the gold standard of dog toys, having been recommended by veterinarians, trainers and owners for over 40 years.

Perfect for stuffing with treats, wet and dry dog food, and tasty pastes, the KONG Classic is a trusted toy for boredom breaking and long term chewing with its natural red rubber compound.

Super bouncy, with an unpredictable bounce due to the shape which is sure to stimulate your dog's natural instincts, the KONG Classic is also a great toy for throwing, catching and fetching.

Versatile and safe, the KONG Classic is made in the USA and provides a chance for endless variety with the snacks that can be stuffed inside the KONG. Some of our favourite products for stuffing in your dog's Kong toy include Naturo Grain Free Salmon, Potato & VegetablesArden Grange Liver Paté and of course your dog's kibble. For those who feed raw food diets to their pets, chunky minces are ideal for filling Kong toys. Some dogs will also appreciate pet safe fruit and vegetable fillings, including baked sweet potato, blueberries and green beans. For destructive dogs or those who need an extra challenge, try freezing the Kong before offering to your pet or using the KONG Extreme Rubber Toy.

Size Length Recommended Breeds
Small 7.5cm Chihuahua, Lhasa Apso
Medium 9cm Yorkshire Terrier, Beagle
Large 10cm Border Collie, Irish Terrier
Extra Large 13cm Labrador, Rottweiler
Extra Extra Large 15cm Irish Wolfhound, Newfoundland

Always choose toys that are the appropriate shape, size and strength for your dog, and monitor their use. Remove the toy from your dog if it shows signs of damage.

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KONG Classic Rubber Dog Chew Toy