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  • Brand: KONG
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KONG Stuff'n Paste | Puppy Treat | Liver Flavour

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About KONG Stuff'n Paste Puppy Easy Treat Liver Flavour

Designed for filling treat dispensing toys such as the KONG Classic, KONG Puppy Stuff'n Paste is extremely tempting, tasty and perfect for keeping pups entertained when used with appropriate toys.

The tempting paste can be used to 'seal' the top and bottom of KONG Classic toys for freezing, when you need a long lasting activity, or simply coated on the inside of the KONG Classic for keen dogs who love to chew.

Encouraging pets to play with treat dispensing toys is a great way to prevent boredom and resulting bad habits and behaviours.

KONG Easy Treat Paste contains natural minerals and vitamins to promote a healthy immune system, and essential amino acids to encourage healthy skin, strong muscles and supple joints.

Composition: Milk and Milk Derivatives, Oils and Fats, Various Sugars, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin (Pectin: 1.5%), Meat and Animal Derivatives (Chicken Liver: 4%), Minerals

Nutritional Information: Crude Protein: 4%, Crude Fat: 20%, Crude Fibre: 1%, Moisture: 54%, Crude Ash: 6%


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KONG Stuff'n Paste | Puppy Treat | Liver Flavour