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  • Brand: Hagen
  • Sku: GKHG12492

Marina Pink & Purple Jellybean Aquatic Gravel 2kg

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About Marina Pink & Purple Jellybean Aquatic Gravel 2kg

Bright and eye catching, Marina Aquarium Gravel helps to create a colourful and unique look that every aquarist aspires to achieve.

The epoxy coating and dust free guarantee ensures that each piece of gravel is inert and will not affect water chemistry in any adverse manner.

Gravel does more than make an aquarium look attractive, serving as an environment for colonies of beneficial bacteria which help to eliminate waste produced by the fish, leftover food and plant debris in the aquarium, creating a pleasant habitat for fish and reducing stress, and providing an anchor site for live plants and other ornamental aquatic decorations.

While helping with waste management, gravel which is neglected can quickly harbour waste build ups which will in turn negatively affect the water parameters within the aquarium. To avoid this messy and potentially dangerous situation, use a quality self siphoning gravel cleaner to hoover up and collect the debris from amongst the substrate. After partial water changes, be sure to use a product such as Easy Life Fluid Filter Media to remove harmful substances from the water and give the biological filter a boost.


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Marina Pink & Purple Jellybean Aquatic Gravel 2kg