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  • Brand: Tolsa
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Sanicat Diamonds Silica Gel Cat Litter Crystals 3.8L

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About Sanicat Diamonds Silica Gel Cat Litter Crystals 3.8L

Lightweight and incredibly absorbent, Sanicat Diamonds Silica Gel Litter is an excellent choice for owners and pets with sensitivities to the dust often found in other types of cat litter.

For effective odour control, the crystals are made from sodium silicate sand which has been processed with oxygen and water to form tiny beads encompassing many pores which allow each crystal to absorb up to 40 times its own weight in liquid. A network of small hollow channels leading from these pores allows moisture to be immediately absorbed and trapped inside, leaving the outer layer dry to the touch. Once absorbed, the moisture will begin to slowly evaporate, leaving behind the odour causing molecules which are successfully trapped within the channels, meaning that the absorbency capability of the crystals is continuous and the litter will last for up to one month before needing refreshed.

Silica litter should be deep enough to absorb all urine before it reaches the bottom of the tray and should be raked daily as solid waste is removed to allow evaporation to happen continuously for maximum benefit and longevity of the beads. As silica gel litter crystals are non-clumping, the litter tray should be completely changed at least once per month to allow for a complete clean and application of a cat safe disinfectant product such as Johnson's Cat Litter Tray Cleaning Spray.

Use a Silica Gel style cat litter in conjunction with a hooded cat litter tray and integrated carbon filter, such as the CatIt Hooded Litter Tray, for maximum odour prevention.


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Sanicat Diamonds Silica Gel Cat Litter Crystals 3.8L