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Supa Tonic Salt Water Conditioner 250g

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About Supa Tonic Salt Water Conditioner 250g

A multipurpose aquarium product, Supa Tonic Salt Granules are a 100% natural supplement for freshwater aquariums.

Freshwater fish spend a lot of energy maintaining ideal internal fluid salt concentration levels, so increasing general salt levels in the aquarium reduces the needs of the fish to balance their fluids, meaning they can expend the energy elsewhere and more effectively deal with stress and potential disease.

For use as a water conditioner when setting up a new aquarium or to create brackish water, add 1 teaspoon of salt per 18 litres of water.

To treat fungus, use a dilution of 1 teaspoon of salt in 5 litres of water on the first day and increase to 2 teaspoons of salt per 5 litres on the second day. Change solution daily until the fungal infection is cured.

To produce ideal water conditions for the hatching of brine shrimp eggs, dilute 6 teaspoons of salt per 5 litres of water and maintain a constant temperature of 26°C.

When sterilising aquarium equipment such as nets, use a strong solution.


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Supa Tonic Salt Water Conditioner 250g