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  • Brand: Tetra
  • Sku: TE159471

TetraPond Holiday Food 98g

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Product Description

TetraPond Holiday Food is an ideal way to ensure that fish receive sufficient nutrition during holidays. Specially developed gel-based diet maintains its solid shape in the pond, releasing food on demand as your fish require it.

Consists of carefully selected, high-quality raw materials, which are produced in a special manufacturing process in order to retain all vital nutrients.They promote vitality, intensive colouring and the healthy growth of pond fish.

In addition, they result in very little waste, thus helping to maintain excellent water quality and clarity. No plastic is included in the food meaning t does not alter the chemistry of the water.

Feeding Guide: 1 TetraPond Holiday block will provide sufficient nutrition for 10 to 15 medium sized goldfish or 2-3 medium sized Koi for 14 days. If your pond contains greater numbers of fish, you should increase the number of holiday blocks used.


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TetraPond Holiday Food 98g