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  • Brand: Trixie
  • Sku: TX4235

Trixie | Natural Cat Enrichment | Grass & Barley Seed Bowl - 100g

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Trixie Cat Grass Barley Seed Bowl/approx. 100g

Grow your own fresh cat grass with this Trixie Barley Grass with a growing tray.  Just add water and grow your own cat grass in a matter of days. Your kitty will love you for this. Why not buy a few to ensure a fresh supply for your cats and kittens. 

Cat grass is a very natural way to provide many benefits to cats and kittens. It can help to relieve indigestion, help to prevent parasites, it can act as a natural laxative, helps to remove hairballs, provides extra vitamins and minerals as well as great enrichment for your cat's environment. 

Especially beneficial for cats and kittens that do not have access to natural green areas. 

  • Helps to relieve indigestion
  • Helps to prevent parasites
  • Can act as a natural laxative
  • Helps to remove hairballs
  • Provides extra vitamins and minerals
  • Great enrichment and enhancement of your cat's environment. 
  • Cat grass seed included


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Trixie | Natural Cat Enrichment | Grass & Barley Seed Bowl - 100g