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Trixie | Small Pet Cleaning | Corner Litter Tray

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The Trixie Corner Litter Tray for Rabbits is a space efficient toileting solution for rabbits used to using a litter tray.

Suitable for use in the house, hutch or cage, a hanging attachment and wire is included to allow the litter tray to be attached to the enclosure or another stable object.

Using a litter tray can help to make cage clean up easier, because once your bunny is used to using the tray, their waste is contained in one area of the hutch by the plastic sides. The front side is lowered for easier access, however this may not be suitable for older rabbits. The back is raised for comfort, as many rabbits prefer to push their bottoms back into corners as they toilet.

We recommend using low dust litter solutions, to help to protect your rabbits lungs. Trixie Silicate Litter Granules and Kaytee Critter Litter are great choices and are both formulated for maximum absorbency.

To encourage your bunny to use their new litter tray, you may wish to have a supply of fresh hay beside the tray, or alternatively hang a hay cookie or treat stick above the tray.

Size: 36 x 21 x 30cm

This litter tray is available in 3 colours; blue, pink and green. If you would like to choose which colour you would like to receive, please include a note in the 'Special Instructions' box when going through the Check Out process. We will do our best to honour all colour requests. If you do not specify a preferred colour, we will supply a colour at random.


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Trixie | Small Pet Cleaning | Corner Litter Tray