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  • Brand: Trixie
  • Sku: TX45795

Trixie Moving Wiggly Fish Cat Toy Rechargeable

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Product Description

This fun wiggle fish could be your cats new favourite toy. The bright colours and realistic wiggle motion will bring out your cats natural instincts and help them stay active and playful. It can be used to distract your cat from scratching or biting other objects and put those instincts into something that can't be damaged as easily as your furniture. Don't worry about the battery running out, you can easily recharge this toy using a USB (please be sure to fully charge the toy before using). This toy will automatically turn off after 15 seconds, and can be easily activated by tapping it, so your can will be able to get the hang of turning in on by themselves, no need to annoy you.

As with all toys, this toy is made of high quality materials, however it can still be damaged. Please be sure to regularly check for signs of damage and remove or replace the toy when signs of damage start to show in order to prevent accidental chocking.

Approximately 26cm long


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Trixie Moving Wiggly Fish Cat Toy Rechargeable