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API Accu-Clear Crystal Clear Aquarium Treatment 37ml

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About API Accu-Clear Crystal Clear Aquarium Treatment 37ml

Clear green or cloudy aquarium water in fresh water aquariums with API Accu-Clear Water Problem Solving Solution, a handy aquarium treatment which works to clump together tiny suspended micro particles so they can settle to the bottom of the fish tank or be collected by the filter.

Safe to use with all fish and plants in freshwater (tropical, temperate and cold water) aquariums, the treatment should not be used in marine aquariums as the high mineral contents contained in the water will stop the treatment from working effectively. However, Accu-Clear will still be effective in aquariums which have had a low level of salt added as a supportive treatment to freshwater fish.

Although Accu-Clear will help to clear cloudiness caused by bacterial blooms, the cloudiness will soon return if the underlying root cause is not identified and addressed.

Accu-Clear can be dosed again after 24 hours if sufficient results are not achieved and cloudiness in the water is persistent, however further doses should not be added after this. Accu-Clear can be used weekly to maintain clear water as part of routine tank cleaning and maintenance.

Add 1ml per 10 US gallons (37.9 litres) of aquarium water.


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API Accu-Clear Crystal Clear Aquarium Treatment 37ml