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  • Brand: Bamfords
  • Sku: BFSUN53A

Carophyll Red Factor Canary Colouring Agent - 15g

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About Carophyll Red Factor Canary Colouring Agent - 15g

Selectively bred for their delightful colouration ranging between a pretty pink and a deep, copper orange, Red Factor Canaries must be 'colour-fed' to maintain their bright colours. Carophyll Red Supplement offers a rich supply of the carotenoids needed to promote the colouration in the form of Canthaxanthin, and, for the best red plumage, should be fed alongside a mixture of quality seed and a selection of natural fruits and vegetables rich in the natural beta-carotene.

The most economical method of feeding Carophyll Red is to only supply it during the moulting season, according to the package instructions. However many canary fanciers prefer to use very small quantities throughout the year, maintaining the best possible intense red coloured plumage.


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Carophyll Red Factor Canary Colouring Agent - 15g