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Classic Aerating Skull Aquatic Ornament

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About Classic Aerating Skull Aquatic Ornament

Enhance the visual appearance of your aquatic environment with the Classic Skull with Aquatic Plant Finish, a unique design for an underwater world type aquascape from Classic Pet Product's Underwater Kingdom Aquatic Artefacts range.

Connect an Air Pump to the ornament for a fun, constant stream of oxygenating bubbles which looks great while benefiting the health of your aquarium inhabitants.

Complete with realistic painted details, the ornament makes an ideal centrepiece for a small or medium sized aquarium and is long lasting and durable, easy to clean and will not affect water parameters and tank chemistry.

100% safe for tropical and cold water fish.

For many aquarists, one of the main joys of owning and developing an aquarium is decorating it in a chosen theme. Not only do aquatic ornaments and decorations affect the way the tank looks, but they also affect how the fish and other creatures in the aquarium interact with their surroundings, providing places to hide and establish territories. To prevent algae build up on ornaments within the aquarium, use Easy Life Cyano AlgExit weekly to bring algae growth to a standstill and effectively wipe out Beard Algae, Brush Algae and Filamentous Algae. To prevent stress in fish when rearranging the aquarium, introducing new fish or new ornaments to the aquatic enclosure or performing partial water changes, we recommend adding a water conditioner and tonic to the water, such as Easy Life Fluid Filter Medium.

Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm x 15cm


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Classic Aerating Skull Aquatic Ornament