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  • Brand: Exo Terra
  • Sku: HGPT2852

Exo Terra Natural Hiding Reptile Cave

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About Exo Terra Natural Hiding Reptile Cave

Provide the perfect hide for terrestrial reptiles and amphibians to relax in with the Exo Terra Natural Hiding Place Cave, a realistic pebble designed cave with a large hiding volume which integrates perfectly into both desert and tropical themed terrariums.

Hiding areas are a very important feature within terrariums as they allow reptiles to relax without the natural fear of predators. In the wild, geckos and other reptilian species spend a lot of time hiding under rocks and logs, so the provision of multiple hides throughout the enclosure, spaced appropriately to ensure there are options at various points of the temperature gradient spectrum, is essential to allow animals to feel safe in their surroundings and encourage a regular eating schedule.

While providing shelter, the cave can also be used to create a cooler and more humid microclimate within the enclosure with the addition of Sphagnum Moss and is extremely stable so not easily tipped by larger reptiles.


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Exo Terra Natural Hiding Reptile Cave