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  • Brand: Fish4Cats
  • Sku: FD0688NET

Fish4Cats Finest | Wet Cat Food | Tuna Fillet with Seaweed - 70g

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From the deliciously fishy range of finest wet cat food by Fish4Cats, this premium Tuna & Seaweed meal contains luxurious ingredients which are sure to tempt even the fussiest of cats.

A high quality, natural food, Fish4Cats offers an easily digestible meal, rich in Omega 3 - an anti-inflammatory which boosts skin and coat condition, and aids mobility and cardiac health.

Tuna tends to be a fan favourite with cats, offering a powerful smell and a robust taste, alongside an abundance of EPA and DHA essential fatty acids. Seaweed helps to minimize any indigestion issues that your feline might suffer from, and is considered to have a positive effect on the condition of a cat’s coat and skin.

Stuffed full of fishy goodness, each tin contains more than 90% fish! Cats have evolved to consume protein rich animal tissue, so the natural approach of providing a diet with such high levels of fish means that your cat can easily avail of all of the vitamins, fats, sugars and proteins they need to thrive.

Fish4Cats Tuna & Seaweed is a nutritionally complete meal and offers everything your cat needs in its daily diet without the need to add further food products or supplements. Recent studies suggest that a cat's diet should consist of at least 50% wet food, as the high moisture content in wet food can be beneficial to cats with urinary tract problems, diabetes, or kidney disease, and may help to prevent such issues developing in the future. Feeding a significant proportion of wet food can help to compensate for cats’ low thirst drive, which may be partly due to their evolution as desert animals.

Most importantly, cats find Fish4Cats to be absolutely irresistib
le! Cats are particularly susceptible to ‘umami’ – a satisfying savoury flavour that helps them tell whether their food is fresh and even allows them to distinguish between fish and meat. Glutamate, which stimulates your cat’s umami receptors, is found in both fresh and fermented fish, so it’s a great choice for both meals and treats.

Composition: Tuna 54%, Fish Broth 38%, Seaweed 4%, Rice 4%

Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 12%, Crude Fats 0.1%, Crude Fibres 0.9%, Crude Ash 2%, Moisture 85%


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Fish4Cats Finest | Wet Cat Food | Tuna Fillet with Seaweed - 70g