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  • Brand: Hagen
  • Sku: HGA490

Fluval U2 Poly/Carbon Filter Cartridge 2pcs

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About Fluval U2 Poly/Carbon Filter Cartridge 2pcs

Particularly suited for filtering out harmful liquid substances including dyes and medications, Fluval Poly/Carbon Filter Sponges catch extremely fine suspended particles and contaminants within the aquatic environment.

The intricate, porous network provides a vast surface area between the water and the filter media to maximise colonisation of beneficial bacteria.

Improving the clarity, colour and smell of the aquarium water without altering the water properties, a Carbon sponge is an essential addition to an aquarium filtration system.

Suitable for Fluval U Underwater Filters.

Each pack contains 2 cartridge sponges.


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Fluval U2 Poly/Carbon Filter Cartridge 2pcs