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  • Brand: Johnston & Jeff

J&J Premium Parrot Fruit Blend - 12.75kg

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About J&J Premium Parrot Fruit Blend - 12.75kg

A specially formulated blend of 22 ingredients, Johnston & Jeff Fruity Parrot Food is an enhanced recipe based on a traditional and sound mixture of prime ingredients.

The extraordinary mix contains more than 50% fruit, vegetables and nuts for optimal palatability and nutrition, with all ingredients fit for human consumption and of the highest quality.

To keep birds in optimal condition, feed the blend daily in small amounts as required. Ensure fresh water is always available and provide a good quality Bird Grit to species which require it for extra minerals and to aid digestion. Add nutritional variety and stimulus for birds with fresh fruit and suitable green vegetables, Millet Spray, Cuttlefish Bones and Parrot & Cockatiel Treat Sticks.

Ingredients: medium striped and white sunflower, safflower, whole maize, clipped oats, pumpkin seed, flaked peas, puffed maize, papaya, banana, currants, pineapple, apricot, brazil nut kernels, walnut halves, peanuts, monkey nuts, pine nuts, chillies, rosehips, carrot.


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J&J Premium Parrot Fruit Blend - 12.75kg