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Peckish Specialist Nesting & Young Bird Seed Mix - 2kg

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Provide extra support to your local birds as they nest and raise their young with Peckish Nesting & Young Bird Seed Mix. This food is formulated to attract species of wild bird including Blue Tits, Sparrows, Robins and Goldfinches. This mix is particularly helpful for local birds during Spring.

By using high protein, high energy ingredients, this blend of wild bird food supports breeding birds and provides them with the nutritional support they need to provide for and rear their chicks, as well as aiding the chicks in healthy development.

Peckish bird food contains a special added blend of nutrients and vitamins - Calvita Vitamin Mix. This includes supplements of Calcium, Carotenoids, Biotin and Vitamins A, D and E - essential to support healthy bones, beaks and feathers, aid in egg production and reproduction and protect birds from sunlight damage.

Our top tips for attracting wild birds to your garden:

  • Position feeders around 2m from an area of safe cover. Birds prefer to eat in an area where they feel they can easily flee to safety.
  • If you are new to feeding birds, be aware that it can take some time before birds will start to use a new feeder.
  • When birds are visiting a feeder regularly, it is recommended that you continue to provide appropriate food throughout the year. When a garden is a reliable source of food, birds are more likely to make repeat visits.
  • Provide fresh, clean drinking water in a wild bird water drinker. Access to a safe supply of drinking water has been restricted in many areas and can be a matter of life and death for local wildlife, particularly through the Summer and Winter.
  • Consider offering seed in both a seed feeder and on a ground feeder tray, as different species of birds have different preferences.

Peckish Specialist Nesting & Young Bird Seed Mix Ingredients: Nyger, Pinhead Oats, Linseed, Sunflower Hearts, White Millet, Kibbled Peanuts, Oyster Shell Grit, Red Millet, Black Rape Seed.

Please note that this product contains nuts. Store in a cool, dry place and use the seed within 3 months of opening. This is product is not a 'no grow' mix. This means that, in the right conditions, the seeds included in the mix may germinate if dropped seed is not discarded.


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Peckish Specialist Nesting & Young Bird Seed Mix - 2kg