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  • Brand: Rosewood
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Rosewood Naturals | Small Pet Treats | Apple Orchard - 75g

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Treat your small pet to a delicious treat that they are sure to love, with Rosewood Naturals Apple Orchard Small Pet Treats!

This tasty treat is an all-natural mixture of scrumptuous apple fruit and crisp, apple wood sticks perfect for gnawing and blackberry leaves and stems packed with nutrition - the variety of textures will help to prevent boredom and keep your pet busy as they enjoy it!

This high fibre blend is not only a delicious treat - it will aid your small pets' digestion too!

This treat is suitable for all small animals, including Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters and Gerbils.

Size: 75g

Ingredients: Apple Wood 50%, Apple Slices 30%, Blackberry Leaves and Stems 20% (Dried Ingredients)


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Rosewood Naturals | Small Pet Treats | Apple Orchard - 75g