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  • Brand: Trixie
  • Sku: TX40475

Trixie Cat Litter Scoop with Stand Holder

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The Trixie Litter Scoop with Holder is made from strong, robust plastic and comes with its own discreet holder.

Use the scoop to sift the soiled clumps from the litter and when you have finished you can hide it in the matching holder. Place it somewhere handy and its ready at any time when you need to clean your pet's litter box. The holder itself is easy to keep clean and hygienic.

With fairly large, rectangular spaces for clean litter to pass through when sieving to remove waste, this scoop is ideal for use with non-clumping and silica crystal style litters. This scoop is especially suitable for use with wooden, cardboard and recycled paper pellet style litters, such as Cat's Best Universal Litter or Breeder Celect Litter, as the gaps are large enough for the pellets to pass through with ease.

No one particularly enjoys cleaning toilet accessories and the removable rubber base makes it that bit easier to get any soiled litter out. The smooth plastic is simple to clean with the help of a cat-safe disinfectant product so you will have lots of time to play with your cat and your pet will always have a fresh litter box.


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Trixie Cat Litter Scoop with Stand Holder