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  • Brand: Trixie
  • Sku: TX32022

Trixie Dog Chess Strategy Game Puzzle - Level 3

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Has your dog mastered the Snack Ball and Flip Board? It's time to move them on to the next level of Puzzle toys - a Chess Strategy Game!

This Chess board game includes cones, drawers and small hollows to hide treats in - for an extra challenge, you can use the cones as a stopper!

Puzzle toys will provide your dog with mental stimulation and reduce boredom. They can really help dogs with destructive tendencies to channel their energy more positively.

Using a tasty training treat with the board is key to gaining your dogs interest. Serrano Snacks are a perfect size for puzzle toys and snack balls, are packed full of meat and are free from gluten, which makes them a great choice for engaging most dogs.

The Chess board is made of plastic and has rubber feet to prevent slipping as your dog explores. A booklet with tricks and tips on how to set up the board is included. 


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Trixie Dog Chess Strategy Game Puzzle - Level 3