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  • Brand: Rosewood
  • Sku: RW-20261

Twistables Small Cotton Rope Twist

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About Twistables Small Cotton Rope Twist

Support your pet's dental health and hygiene with a Small Cotton Rope Twist, with cotton fibres that help to clean the teeth and gums throughout the chewing process.

Ropes are great for individual chewing and for interactive play between dogs and owners, such as a great game of fetch.

Chewing is a natural behaviour for all canines, and should be channelled appropriately rather than discouraged or punished. Directing your dog towards chewing on rope, hard rubber and nylon toys will help to improve oral health by scraping and cleaning the teeth, reducing any build up of tartar or plaque. Allowing your dog to chew on appropriate items will help to relieve boredom and destructive behaviour, and can help nervous dogs or those with separation anxiety.

Always choose toys that are the appropriate shape, size and strength for your dog, and monitor their use. Remove the toy from your dog if it shows signs of damage.


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Twistables Small Cotton Rope Twist