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  • Brand: Wagg
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Wagg | Training Treats | Mini Meaty Bones - 125g

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About Wagg Mini Meaty Bones Training Treats (125g)

Delicious, bite sized meaty treats, Wagg Training Treats are tantalisingly tasty and perfect for training sessions.

Oven baked to lock in the delightful flavours, the treats are made in Britain, enriched with vitamins and minerals and contain no added sugar.

Yogurt is added for a calcium boost to support healthy teeth and bones.

Tempting mini motivators are key to successful dog training, and Coachies are great for this with the variety of flavours enveloped within each treat. For particularly fussy pups or those with extreme food sensitivities, try Pet Munchies Chicken Training TreatsIdeally sized for use during Clicker Training and your dog will quickly associate the treats with their good behaviour and your Dog Training Treat Bag.

Perfect for adult dogs, the small size means they are excellent for training sessions and for use in treat dispensing toys such as Snack Balls and Flip Board Strategy Games.

Composition: Wheat, Beef Meal 16%, Glycerine, Minerals, Chicken Meal 4%, Lamb Meal 4%, Yoghurt 4%, Chicken Fat, Gelatine, Whey Powder.

Weight: 125g


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Wagg | Training Treats | Mini Meaty Bones - 125g