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  • Brand: Peckish
  • Sku: GMA01523

Gardman Black Steel Fat Snax Feeder

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About Gardman Black Steel Fat Snax Feeder

Try the Gardman Black Steel Fat Ball Snax Feeder for a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to using Fat Balls with a mesh.

This classic looking bird feeder is made from durable metal and is designed to hold 3-4 suet balls. We love the Peckish Natural Balance Energy Balls range of fat balls. Around 3-4 fat balls will fit in the tube at once. A quick-release lid and base makes cleaning and filling this feeder a quick and easy process.

This feeder helps to prevent the spread of disease amongst local bird populations by utilising Biomaster Antimicrobial technology, however we do still recommend cleaning the feeder and other areas where birds gather, such as bird tables or baths, on a regular basis with a bird safe cleaning product, such as Johnson's Clean 'n' Safe Bird Disinfectant.

Organisations such as the British Ornithology Trust recommend that clean, fresh drinking water be provided alongside food. Providing a safe supply of water for visiting birds not only helps to make your garden more attractive, but can also have a positive impact on survival rates of local birds through the Winter, when regular sources of food may become suddenly inaccessible due to freezing. We recommend using a bird bath or a wild bird Water Drinker close to your feeding area.

Height: 23cm


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Gardman Black Steel Fat Snax Feeder